A Book and a Beach Towel: 5 Self Care Essentials

It’s a Saturday morning. You’re enjoying a cup of coffee, reading the paper, and you have absolutely no plans. This day belongs to you! That means you get to do whatever you need to #treatyourself: Bask in the sun, enjoy the farmer’s market, treat yourself to a massage. But, wait. I know what you’re thinking. Self-care is for people regularly fall asleep in front of the TV with sour cream all over their face. People who are lazy and overly self-indulgent and definitely not as hardworking and productive as you. Right? Not so fast. You need to “put on your … Continue reading


Men’s Fashion: 2015 Summer Trends

For men who want to stay on trend during the hot summer months to come, here are some trends that I recommend, and some pointers on how to wear them. Whether you are looking for key pieces to invest in, or you need ideas for a head to toe look, these three looks give a great representation of what’s up and coming in men’s fashion this summer.  I featured these trends earlier this week on KSDK Channel 5’s “Show Me St. Louis.” Print shirts: Try a fun print, such as a strawberry print. If you are venturing into prints for … Continue reading