Sale, Sale, Sale

Now is the perfect time to find great deals at the mall.  Besides the very popular Semi-Annual Sales at stores such as Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Yankee Candle and more, you can also save money at several other West County Center stores.  The key to finding the best selection is shopping this weekend, but all of these sales extend into July.  I featured “what’s on sale” today on KSDK’s “Show Me St. Louis.” The North Face, exclusive in St. Louis at West County Center, offers just two sales each year, one for end of winter and one … Continue reading


Team USA Rio Olympic Games + UK, Sweden, France

The Summer Olympic Games in Rio are just a few months away, and several more countries, including the USA, UK, France and Sweden, have unveiled their Opening Ceremony and competition apparel.  Each country’s Olympic Committee has selected one of their “own” to collaborate with to design their collection, and chose some of the most well-known names and brands in fashion. USA:  Ralph Lauren returns as a fashion coach for Team USA and “playing it safe” seems to be his latest game day motto. With white shorts, button-down shirts, striped belts and signature Polo logo the looks are true to the … Continue reading