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For anyone who has undergone the process of treatment or rehab due to alcohol addiction must have realized that sobriety is a lifetime journey. The peace, joy, and energy that come from staying clean and sober are unmeasurable. However, alongside the excitement and joy, there must be limits set to avoid a relapse.

Any addict will agree that the journey to stay sober is long but is worth fighting for. However, the holiday period is particularly known to be tricky, especially for newly clean and sober individuals. This is due to the high probability of relapse that comes with the excitement of the holidays.

Staying sober during the holidays is possible, even though it is more challenging. Everyone else is letting loose and having fun – enjoying alcohol and party drugs, and one feels tempted to join in. However, you must continually remind yourself of how far you’ve come to stay clean and sober.

Identifying how to stay sober from alcohol during the holidays is the reason that I will be sharing these tips for staying sober with you. Use these sobriety tips as a guide through the holidays.

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Tips For Staying Sober On Holidays

Ensure to Plan Ahead

Remember the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning is one of the essential ways to stay sober during the holidays. You should attend parties in your vehicle and employ the company of a sober companion as support when going. Arrive early and leave before things get cranky. Adhere strictly to the plan because it ensures you stay ahead of unwarranted situations.

Prioritize you and your health

The holidays should be the best time to avail your body the right healthy treatment. Celebrate your body, mind, and soul and give yourself a kingly treatment. Eat healthy food and give your body the right nutrition. Don’t overindulge yourself with junks like carbs and sugar. One of the best ways to staying clean is to spend time with yourself by meditating, doing yoga, praying, and exercising. Connect your physical with your spiritual self and become whole. Also, avoid getting involved in anything that will threaten your sobriety. Parties are optional, and ‘it is very okay not to go’ if you’re not completely cool with them. Saying “No” is perfectly normal. By making yourself a priority, you learn about you and what you truly want.

Maximize Support

Support is integral for staying sober during the holidays. Get the right motivation and support by getting a sober companion. Someone capable of helping you make the right decisions towards ensuring you maintain sobriety. Attend 12-step programs or non 12 step recovery programs and prioritize them. Also, you can seek support from your spirituality or beliefs. Remember, the holidays are about giving and gratitude. So, focus the energy on making yourself useful rather than being stuck with the screen. Take responsibility and let go of the negatives.

Avoid Relapsing

All the tips to stay sober are irrelevant if you cannot identify and fight your relapse triggers. Since the holidays are very stressful and activities are jam-packed, it is easy to be frustrated due to heavy responsibilities, and failure to fulfill them might trigger feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, anger, or depression. This is dangerous to your sobriety. The best way to stay sober is by learning to say “No” to overburden.

Build and Celebrate Positive Relationships

Life is a lot better when we are in the service of others. Create time to do things for others. True happiness comes when we have made others happy. You can surprise your family with a recipe treat, donate your time at a homeless shelter, or spend time with a lonely or confined friend. Also, rather than making parties or reunions about drinking, engage in other fun things.

Leverage on Your Props

When invited to parties, you cannot turn down, consider going along with non-alcoholic beverages, and make sure it is always in your hand. With a drink in hand, others cannot push drinks at you. Your props might just be your savior from having to say ‘No’ every time.

The holidays are not the time for you to go on sober holidays and allow yourself to indulge. Rather, treat them as a period to ensure commitment towards maintaining your sobriety. me

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