Mother Model Search

Mother Model’s Jeff and Mary Clarke, who launched the A-list career of Ashton Kutcher after discovering him in an Iowa bar, are on the search for the next fresh face. The 5th Annual Tribute Model Search is Saturday, October 22nd at 2pm at Macy’s Lower Level, West County Center.

From this search, the Clarkes will pick new models who will walk the runway at the TRIBUTE Fashion Show on Saturday, November 19th at MX in downtown St. Louis.  TRIBUTE is where it all starts. Where dreams come true. Where lives change direction.

Some last minute Christmas shopping changed the life of Caitie Greene, of Kirkwood, Missouri, who walked her first runway at TRIBUTE. Two years ago on Christmas Eve, Caitie was at Target with her brother when the Clarkes spotted her and changed her life forever. Her first job was with Italian Vogue. Since then she’s walked for Victoria Beckham, Boss and even Gucci.

This is your chance to get in front of two powerhouse model scouts, who the Wall Street Journal declared, “Top agencies in New York and abroad rely on the Clarkes uncanny ability to find beautiful people at gas stations, Dairy Queens, gymnasiums and make them into high fashion models.”

Don’t leave it up to fate to run across the Clarkes’ paths. An opportunity for a face-to-face will take place Saturday, October 22nd at 2pm at West County Center, Macy’s Lower Level. They are looking for females Age 14-23, 5’9” to 6’. Arrive with simple hair, no makeup, figure flattering clothes and bring heels. Each participant will have a digital taken and no one will leave empty-handed. Everyone will receive a free Model Truth DVD that is filled with advice for aspiring models.

For more details on the Mother Model’s TRIBUTE fashion show, which promises to be a magical night you will never forget, drenched in glistening gold and beams of light, please visit