Looking for a job?

If you’re in the job market, you need to know what to wear so that you are making the best first impression.  Before I start with some tips, check out the Job Fair at West County Center on Tuesday, September 20 from 3-7 pm near Macy’s.  There are nearly 40 stores at the mall that are hiring for full-time, part-time and seasonal positions, and some stores are even doing on-the-spot interviews.

Today on “Show Me St. Louis,” I featured some good examples of what to wear to this Job Fair or any interview.  First, the appropriate interview attire depends on the industry in which you will be interviewing so spend some time researching the companies or industry to determine the most suitable outfit.  When in doubt, err on the side of being slightly over dressed rather than showing up looking too casual.  Some other good tips are to make sure you feel comfortable in the outfit you’re wearing, ensure your outfit is clean and pressed, and avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne.

In the photo above, the first look for women is a class black pantsuit from The Limited.  The great thing about The Limited is that they have a patent on their black fabric, so if you buy pants now and want the skirt next year it will always match.  And we added the bright magenta shirt for a pop of color, a fun touch that will make you memorable to the interviewer.  The second look is from Dressbarn, three pieces from the new Roz & Ali collection that mixes modern and classic for a great new look!

interview-brooksNext, if you are interviewing for a corporate job where everyone wears a suit, your best bet is Brooks Brothers at West County Center.  For women, check out this on-trend olive green pantsuit with olive green print silk shirt.  Zac Posen is the Brooks Brothers Creative Director, so you’ll find some very beautiful touches to all of their new fall line.  For men, my best advice is to invest in a well-made suit that will never go out of style in navy (as shown) or gray.  The navy suit I showed today, as well as the oxford blue button-down dress shirt and yellow print tie, are all made in the United States in the Brooks Brothers factory!  You’ll find an American flag pin on the lapel to remind you that you bought American!

interview-bananaIf you are interviewing in a more casual environment, I chose Banana Republic for some looks that include a sweater instead of a blazer.  The men’s look includes their new dark wash Traveler denim which features a comfortable stretch fabric.  I paired the jeans with an oxford blue shirt and navy striped cardigan.  (I loved the jeans and shirt so much I bought it myself today!)  For women, I found this navy scallop hem skirt, and paired it with a blue pin-striped dress shirt with removable tie and camel cardigan.  If you wanted to go a little more formal, you can certainly replace the cardigans with a blazer.  Good luck in your job hunt!