Fun Games & Activities For Kids This Summer

Have you kids already said those two dreaded words that you wait for every summer…”I’m bored.”  It just so happens that my six year old has only been off school for one week and said those words at least once each day.  So, I set off in the mall to find games and activities that your kids can do (and you can do with your kids) at Chesterfield Mall.  Click on the link to see the items I featured yesterday on “Show Me St. Louis.”

I started out at My Room Rocks, a store with just this one location in the St. Louis area.  While their main focus is birthday parties for kids to design and create their own miniature bedroom, the store is also choked full of fun things to do this summer.  Besides science and crafts kits, you’ll also find activity books on everything from making Star Wars paper ships to duct tape projects.  Plus, they just got in a new line of soft coolers and beach bag/towel sets.  And if your child is going to camp this summer, check out their line of camp stationery, “getting to know you” games and even a friendship bracelet kit.  My Room Rocks also added My Spa Rocks with a line of make-your-own spa products.

Then I headed over to Toy Tyme, another store located only at Chesterfield Mall in St. Louis.  You’ll find toys galore, plus activities for kids to do in the car during the long car ride to your summer vacation destination.  And if you’re looking for outdoor games, look no further than Toy Tyme.  Fun toys like boomerangs, children’s golf sets and other games to play outside are all available there.  If it’s a rainy day and you’re looking for something fun to do with your toddler, visit the play area available in the back of the store for a small fee; call the store for details at 636.733.0088.

IMG_1661Finally, V-Stock has games, puzzles, books and more to keep your kids entertained this summer.  Upstairs at the Chesterfield Mall store, you’ll find a great selection of classic games with a recent film theme, including “Inside Out” Game of Life, “Nintendo” Monopoly and “The Avengers” Yahtzee, plus puzzles themed with “Justice League” characters among others.  Then, head downstairs to go through the book section where you’ll find kid’s books to learn cooking with your favorite superheros, Elmo and more.  Or get ideas to decorate your kid’s room with stuff you already have a home in themes like “Cars” for boys and princesses for girls, or what to build with all those Legos you have in the toy box.  Finally, coloring books are very popular right now, especially for tweens and teens, and V-Stock has many themed coloring books, everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars, plus a great selection of markers and colored pencils.

After your trip to pick up some of these fun ideas for your kids this summer, hopefully you won’t hear “I’m bored” again until the new school year starts in August!