Best Buys In January

The stores are full of “Sale” signs following the holidays, but there are definite savings on many items in January that make them the best things to buy this month. And this weekend is a great time for finding deals since it’s a holiday weekend for Martin Luther King Day on Monday.

First, you’ll find bargains on bedding. Ever since Philadelphia department store pioneer John Wanamaker decided he would increase store foot traffic by calling January the time for a “White Sale” in 1878, sheets have been sold at the deepest discounts this month. Consumer Reports suggests that before making your purchase, check that they are returnable so that if you sleep (I mean, don’t sleep) on them and decide to return them that you are able to based on their return policy. The mall department stores such as Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s and Sears all have a great selection of bedding going on now.

Next, exercise equipment like Ellipticals and treadmills are often on sale in January as people make their New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and get back in shape. Check Dick Sporting Goods and Sears now for great deals on exercise equipment, but be sure to try out the machine you’re planning to buy before you get it home. Consumer Reports says that ellipticals priced $2,000 and up were well-built and felt stable, more like the $5,000 machines at the gym, and those priced less are more likely to have defects. Before buying a treadmill, one important consideration is the amount of space you have for it as non-folding models take up as much floor space as a couch. A folding treadmill can save you about size square feet.

Third, winter clothing and cold-weather accessories are marked at their best prices right now. It’s just now starting to turn cold, and that means that stores have quite a bit of winter wear that didn’t sell as planned. Plus, stores need to make room for new spring transition merchandise so they will continue to deepen their discounts throughout the month. Be sure to do your research at home before you head to the mall to find out which stores have the best sales, especially stores that offer an additional percentage off on already marked-down prices.

Finally, this could be your last weekend to take advantage of what’s left of Christmas merchandise, calendars and other seasonal items. Christmas items are up to 70% off in various stores, including Hallmark where you will even find 70% off their 2015 Keepsake ornaments. Calendars are at least 50% off now at stores like Go! Calendars & Games in local malls. However, keep your expectations low of what you’ll find because remember that these items have been marked down since December 26…but if you keep your eye out I know you’ll find some great stuff!

Happy shopping!