Happy Hat Hunting

The one winter-weather accessory that should be on the top of everyone’s head is, of course, Hats! Pun intended. Here are three hat styles that are the most popular “heading” into the cold weather months!

The beanie hat is a great go-to hat for winter. It is thick so that it can keep you warm in cooler weather, easy to put on since it slides over your hair (which is a plus if you are having a bad hair day), and can match any coat or jacket! I like beanies for their conveniences and their cost. You can find them at almost any store for any price, no matter what your budget or style. Check out Buckle, Evereve and The Limited for new beanie hat styles.

I also love the beret. It is often associated with the “artist of Paris” look, but it’s great for the modern American girl! The beret doesn’t offer as much versatility as other hats, but it can be complementary when found in fabrics such as felt, cashmere, leather, and even crushed velvet! It is as easy to wear as a beanie since you can just slip it on for those days where you have a fresh blowout. Pair a black beret with a tailored dress and knee high leather boots for ultimate Parisian-inspired style! Try on a new beret at Macy’s.

Finally, the last trendy hat style is inspired by another classic look European look from years past – the floppy hat. The floppy hat can be found everywhere now. It is a sophisticated look that can soften an edgy street-style inspired outfit, or swiftly pull together a powerful female executive ensemble. It’s all about how you wear it! Buckle and Macy’s have a great selection of floppy hats.

Now that I have shared the three trendy hat styles, I hope you are inspired and ready to go get yours today! With all the stores offering beanies, berets, and those adorable oversized floppy hats these days, you will sure to find one that fits your style and budget! And don’t forget to play around with the all the different color and fabrics! Happy hat hunting!