Spring Denim Trends For Women

Spring is almost  here, but don’t put away your jeans just yet. In fact, some denim trends are on the horizon for spring that are worth ditching your skinny jeans for!

Boyfriend – Yes ladies, this is exactly what it sounds like. The fit and feel of your man’s jeans made for you! Boyfriend jeans feature a looser cut in the hip and thigh which makes them perfect for weekend wear! Because the style is a bit slouchier, make sure that your top stays a bit more fitted or try a blazer to dress them up. I found boyfriend jeans in almost every store including LOFT, JC Penney and American Eagle.

Distressed – As a trend, distressed jeans come and go, but this spring, look for denim in lighter washes that features patches of distress on the thigh and calf of the jeans. Knocked out knees are still a no no, but carefully placed distress adds a bit of personality to your jeans.

Wide Leg – Both flared leg and wide leg jeans are in for spring. Most of the styles you will find in this fit are dark denim and work well for dressier occasions. Keep in mind, the wider the leg of your pant, the longer the hem should be. Pair with heels to maximize your leg length in this great style.

High Waist – This style wins for “Most Often to get a Bad Reputation.” Otherwise known as “mom jeans,” high waisted silhouettes are a fresh way to expand your denim wardrobe. The rise of these jeans sits at the waist or slightly above. While this style will emphasize the lower half of your body, it pairs well with crop tops, which are HUGE for spring. When shopping for high waisted denim, take a look at where the pockets sit. The higher the pockets, the more likely for the jeans to look like they belong to your mom! Pockets should be centered evenly which will keep the look even and a fashion “do!”

Crop – While this isn’t a new style, crop jeans will be a force to be reckoned with this spring! Crop lengths will vary from ankle to capri. Rolling your existing jeans with a one inch cuff is a perfectly acceptable way to maximize your existing wardrobe and try out this style. Crop styles can be skinny or tapered to the ankle, or can have a slight kick out at the bottom. Either way, it’s a fresh way to wear your denim right into the spring!