Winter Coat Trends

Did you know that January is the best month to buy a winter coat?  It’s the month when you can buy the most current styles at the best prices, but how do you know which type of jacket to wear? There are simply too many types, styles, colors and fabrics to choose from that it can drive a person crazy! Let me break each style down for you, and explain which are best.

Fur trim is always a favorite in the coldest parts of winter, and this trend sees no end in sight. Fur will always be a winter wardrobe staple. Fur is usually found on heavier type jackets, but can also be found on light clothing if you are too excited to wait for snowy winter weather.

Biker jackets are typically leather and a little more edgy than most other styles. The great thing about leather is that it is practically impenetrable by the unforgiving wind.

Sporty/Retro-collegiate jackets are a reminder of when we all used to find something to do outside just to show off our jackets, whether it was blistering cold or burning hot. These jackets are perfect for winter weather because of the medium weight, the elastic waist/wrist and the thick fabric.

Over-sized jackets are fantastic for a more professional approach. The British invasion inspired long coat may be the optimal choice for the coldest and iciest parts of the winter. You may not want to wear one everyday, but definitely keep it front and center of your closet for those miserably cold days, and layering one over a thinner jacket is fine too.

Mixed media jackets are not only very fashion forward with most winter attire, but also the most versatile. These jackets consist normally of two types of fabrics: the body and the sleeves may be denim and leather, or cotton and fur. These jackets are much more suitable for the end of winter; although, this jacket can also look quite stylish under an oversized coat on those freezing winter days.

Dillard’s, Express and H&M are the hottest places to find almost any jacket style, but other stores like Gap, Old Navy and Forever 21 may hold jacket gems that not everyone has in their winter wardrobe. Old Navy and Gap also have the perfect jackets for children and men.