Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Polish

Mariah Carey is never caught short of always stunning. This Christmas, Mariah Carey is keeping up her persona with a special holiday lineup of nail lacquers by OPI, inspired by her best-selling Holiday CD.

OPI_Mariah_Carey_HolidayOPI has created 18 limited edition shades of winter nail lacquer. There are several different shades of red such as All I Want for Christmas, Cute Little Vixen, and Sleigh Ride for Two.

Some of the lighter polishes are in the silver tones and carry a winter wonderland sparkle in them like I Snow You Love Me and It’s Frosty Outside.  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try the sparkly shade of blue better known as Kiss Me at Midnight.

Whether you want Mariah Carey Holiday nail lacquer for yourself or as a special gift, you can find all these limited edition shades at stores including Regis, Nail Shop at Chesterfield Mall, and JCPenney Salon. You can pick out your favorite shades, or dive in and buy a four-piece, six-piece, or even a 12-piece set!