Trend of the Week: Faux Fur

Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing. Fur was a necessary tool for survival and a status of class and wealth, and now it takes its place as a fashion statement for anyone wanting to make a bold statement.  Wearing faux fur may feel like an intimidating task, but if paired with the right outfit and accessories it becomes a comfortable coupling of warmth and wear-ability.


A lush faux fur jacket ($29.95) tops off the outfit, complete with skinny blue jeans $39.95, simple shoes ($34.95), a calm white shirt with beading around the neck ($14.95).


This look would be the perfect way to bring fur into the office!  The top half is a soft black coat with a warm faux fur collar ($68), and a subtle purple top.  On the bottom is a striking white and black pattern skirt with a leather waist band ($34), and a pair of medium length black boots ($54). This outfit would also work exceptionally well with taller boots and black leggings.


Warm up with this soft Jessica Simpson neutral faux leather jacket ($99) with faux fur collar, brightened up burgundy Not Your Daughter’s Jeans coated denim, navy studded shirt and burgundy print scarf.


The Jennifer Lopez ombre Chinchilla vest ($175) is an amazing centerpiece to a neutral look like this one with a black sweater and dark-wash denim, also Jennifer Lopez brand from Kohl’s.